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Payday Loan Compliance & Training - Stores & Internet Businesses

Payday loan operators and check cashers: Need help with compliance? We specialize in offering the right product or service to fit the needs of your payday loan, check cashing, or auto title loan company. Whether it's our comprehensive check fraud training seminars, field training, Bank Secrecy Act compliance programs and reviews, or complete guidance in opening or operating a check cashing, payday loan, title loan, signature loan, or internet loan operation, we are ready to offer our assistance. We also represent numerous products and referrals to specialists such as Check-A-Check , legal counsel, compliance Teams focused on the payday loan, car totle loan and scrap gold industries to help you operate your business. For all your compliance training needs contact us.

Our Consulting Team offers compliance assistance including:
  • Custom written AML Programs
  • Independent Reviews
  • On Site Training
  • Monthly Audit Assist
  • Licensing
  • Compliance
  • Tribe (sovereign) Model
  • Offshore
  • Choice-of-Law
  • State-by-State
  • Consumer Privacy
  • Texas CSO/CAB
  • 3rd Party Investors
  • Smart Phone Compliance
  • Scrap Gold
  • Check Cashing
  • Text Messaging Compliance

If the story doesn´t make sense, then don´t cash the check! Recently, scammers are sending customers cashers checks with an award letter. The envelopes are being sent from Canada, but the checks (which are counterfeit) are being sent from various states in the U.S.

Even if the check is accompanied by the envelope, supporting documentation does not mean the item is valid. The bank in most cases will verify the fraud, as well as the customer story in having paid "taxes" up front to receive their funds.

Did you know?
FinCEN introduced a Suspicious activity report Form 109. This form will replace the previous SAR TDF 90-22-56.

Trihouse Consulting
601 East Charleston Blvd. #100
Las Vegas, NV. 89104
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